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Junk Vehicle / Green Up Muskego

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  2. § 248-6 Public nuisances affecting peace and safety.
  3. P. Storage of motor vehicles.
    (1) Except as provided in § 219-6A, no person shall store, park or leave unattended any disassembled, inoperable, unlicensed, junked, wrecked or abandoned motor vehicle, except in an enclosure which houses such property from public view. For purposes of this subsection, a vehicle shall be considered operable if that vehicle: (a) Is titled and has a current registration from a state, district or territory of the United States and has a legal license plate(s) mounted on the vehicle. (b) Meets all requirements of Ch. 347, Wis. Stats., and appropriate subchapters of Ch. Trans 305, Wis. Adm. Code. (2) A motor vehicle in this subsection shall include, but not be limited to, an automobile, truck, motorcycle, motor home, bus, and trailer that can be licensed. [2] Editor's Note: Amended at time of adoption of Code (see Ch. 1, General Provisions, Art. II). (3) This subsection does not apply to motor vehicles stored in connection with an automobile sales or repair business located in a properly zoned area.
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