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Old Settlement Centre


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The Old Muskego Settlement Centre was begun as a living museum in 1976.  This site, leased to the Muskego Historical Society, has five structures that have been relocated from the surrounding area. The site also contains an isolated natural resource area of wetlands and woodlands with a mixture of hardwood species. Historical Day is held in July and tours are conducted during the Muskego Community Festival.

This 8-acre site includes the Old Town Hall which is used for recreational programming.  The lower level is maintained by the Muskego Historical Society.

A paved recreation trail connects the Old Muskego Settlement Centre to Horn Field to the north and with Veterans Memorial Park to the southeast.

Conservation Areas
Horn Park conservation area and Veterans Memorial Park conservation area lie adjacent to Old Muskego Settlement Centre.  

Off-street parking is available.

Old Settlement Centre Wolman        Old Settlement Centre Church

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Old Settlement Centre Old Town Hall