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Luther Parker Cemetery

Site Description
This cemetery, covering 0.6 acres, contains the burial sites of some of the earliest European settlers to this area including Luther Parker, who is credited as the Muskego area’s first European settler. 

This site contains a remnant mesic prairie of rich diversity and is identified as a natural area of local significance in: A Regional Natural Areas and Critical Species Habitat Protection and Management Plan for Southeastern Wisconsin (SEWRPC, 1997 and 2010).

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Land Management
The management objective is to maintain the native plants this oak savanna/prairie remnant. Prescribed burning has been conducted regularly for the past couple of decades.  This site has been an important local seed source for prairie dock, culvers root, white wild indigo, New jersey tea, and other plant species for prairie plantings elsewhere in Muskego.  The site is currently being managed for invasive daylilies as well as lily of the valley.