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Guernsey Meadows

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Site Description

This 8-acre open space, located in the north-central part of the city, was formerly known as Basse’s Woods.  It contains a 6-acre mixed hardwood forest with several impressive White oak trees and an exceptional assemblage of spring ephemeral wildflowers. Combined with adjacent woods owned by Quietwood Creek Subdivision this forest encompasses approximately 10-acres and is classified as an isolated natural resource area.

Jack in the PulpitPurple Trillium
Management Objectives
Manage as an oak woods community through suppression of invasive and shade tolerant woodland species.

Management History
In 2002, an adjacent old field of 1.5 acres was converted to prairie vegetation and planted with Bur oaks and Shagbark hickories as a project to recreate an oak savanna. Prescribed burns were conducted here in 2007, 2011, and 2021, in both the woodlands and the prairies.

Larger buckthorn and honeysuckle shrubs in the woodlands have been greatly controlled through cutting and herbicide application. Prescribed burning is being used to control buckthorn shrubs which continue to sprout from the existing seed bank in the soil.  
Prairie Burn