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Candlewood Outlots

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Site Description
Candlewood Outlots are four separate parcels totaling 12-acres adjacent to a stream locally known as the “Sandy Beach” tributary or as “Candlewood Creek” that flows into Bass Bay.  This land was dedicated to the City upon the platting of Candlewood Creek subdivision. 
Approximately 1/3 of this land is delineated as wetland and the majority is in the 100-year floodplain.  It was historically ditched and drained for farming purposes.

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Management History & Objectives
The management objective is to restore wetland plant communities and wetland hydrology on lands north of Cherrywood Drive and manage the southern outlots to establish woodlands. 

In 2009 and 2010 the land north of Cherrywood Drive was periodically sprayed with glyphosate herbicide to kill off the mostly non-native old field vegetation. With the removal of these competing plants this area was then dormant seeded with a diversity of mesic-wet prairie species which germinated in 2011. In spring of 2011 several wet-tolerant tree and shrub species were planted by Alex Booton as an Eagle Scout project. 

In 2012, oaks, shagbark hickory, tamarack, river birch, hazelnut, and silky dogwood were planted in the western parcel south of Cherrywood Drive. Several trees including Bitternut Hickory have volunteered on this parcel since cessation of farming over a decade ago.