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Horn Field (Park)


  1. Drinking Fountain
  2. Hardball Diamond
  3. Parking
  4. Play Equipment
  5. Restroom/Portable
Acquired in 1977

A 12-acre neighborhood park located in the north central portion of the city.  Existing facilities include:
  • a regulation baseball field
  • restrooms
The playground equipment provided on the site accommodates ages 2-5 years.

Horn park is adjacent to and immediately north of Veterans Memorial Park and the Old Muskego Historical Center.  Trails within these parks connect to the east-west WE Energies right-of-way recreation trail.

Conservation Areas
Horn park contains a 9-acre woodland and 10 acres of wetlands.  The forest has a nice diversity of mature hardwood trees and has one of the best assemblages of spring ephemeral wildflowers found in city-owned woodlands.  One acre of  prairie vegetation was planted outside of the baseball diamond and adjacent to the pedestrian path.

Click here for Horn Park conservation site map.


Off-street parking is available.

Horn Park Baseball Field    Horn Park MemorialPurple trillium