Does the City have grass height regulations?

Yes. The City of Muskego has regulations relating to the height of grass on a property. Chapter 35, Section 35.05 of the Municipal Code regulates grass heights. For single-family residential properties (with a home located on them) grass/ground cover should not exceed 8 inches in height. There are a few exceptions to this regulation, such as when there is an established prairie or other approved landscape feature or when a lot is very large. If the single-family residential property is vacant, then the grass/ground cover should not exceed 12 inches in height. This only applies when the vacant lot is adjacent to a lot that has an occupied building on it with a groomed lawn area. For commercial, industrial, and multi-family properties, the grass/ground cover must be maintained to a height of 8 inches or less. If you have a complaint about a property this is not following these regulations, you can use the Text My Gov feature to submit concerns. 

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