Cross Connection Control Program

What is a Cross Connection?

A cross-connection is a direct or potential connection between any part of the public water supply system and a source of contamination or pollution. The most common form of cross-connection is a garden hose, which is easily connected to the public water supply system and can be used to apply a variety of potentially dangerous substances, including chemicals and fertilizer. Other common cross-connections include dishwashers, toilets, pressure washers, boilers, pools, and lawn sprinkler systems. Many more potential cross connections exist in commercial and industrial properties.

Program Description

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources requires all water utilities, including the City of Muskego, implement a Cross Connection Control (CCC) Program in order to protect the health and welfare of users of the public potable water supply of the City of Muskego. This program requires inspection of all properties within the City that are connected to the City’s water supply system. Inspections are required to verify that no connection exists that may allow contaminates to enter the City’s water supply system. The City’s Cross Connection Control Policy Manual can be downloaded below to help further explain the program requirements. As an owner of a commercial property connected to the City’s water system you are required to have an inspection completed by a properly trained professional every two years beginning is 2016. Because the City has qualified professionals under contract with the City’s building inspection team, we are offering to complete your required inspection for a $95.00 inspection fee per water meter. In order to help distribute workload the City will be sending letters to Commercial Properties offering this service. If you would like to have your inspection prior to receiving a letter from the City you may contact the Building Inspection Division at 262-679-4145.

Should you chose to have your CCC inspection completed by a professional other than the City’s building inspectors please make sure he/she is a State of Wisconsin Certified Cross Connection Inspector and submit the inspection results to the City’s Building Inspection Department.
One and two family residential properties will be inspected by the City's water department when water meters are installed or swapped out. We plan to replace water meters at an interval of approximately 20 years.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Building Inspection Division at 262-679-4145.

Program Information

Cross Connection Control Program Manual