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muskego bicentennial patch.jpg
Muskego’s Bicentennial Symbol and its meaning

The five-sided symbol represents the five original ethnic settlements:
1 – Yankees at Muskego Center
2 – Germans at Tess Corners
3 – English at Durham Hill
4 – Norwegians at Lake Denoon
5 – Irish at Denoon

Arrow – Muskego was the last home of the Potawatomi Indians in Waukesha County. This was their last hunting place.
Sunfish – “Muskego” means “sunfish” from the original “Mus-kee-Guac.” The fish also represents Muskego’s lakes which cover 22% of its surface.
Grain Bundle – Represents Muskego’s farming background from pioneer times.
Carousel – Represents Muskego’s famed old Muskego Beach.
Old Town Hall – Symbol of grass roots government, of, by and for the people

This information was researched & designed by Libbie Nolan


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