As you may have heard through various media outlets, a naturally occurring metal called Molybdenum has been found in many private wells in southeast Wisconsin during the past few years. There are currently no State or Federal requirements for testing of Molybdenum in public water systems, however, the City of Muskego felt it was important to voluntarily test all ten municipally owned wells. The results of these tests show that eight of the City owned wells have either none or very low levels of Molybdenum. The two remaining wells, which are located in the southeast area of the City, tested at levels of 70 micrograms/liter (ug/l) and 80 ug/l. While the State has established a groundwater standard for Molybdenum, there is currently no standard in place for public water systems. The State is now utilizing 90 ug/l as an interim health advisory level for molybdenum while the Environmental Protection Agency finalizes their study.

Please see this information from the Wisconsin Department of Health Services for information regarding Molybdenum. In the document you will find that Molybdenum is an essential nutrient in human diets as well as information on how much molybdenum is healthy, and how much is too much.

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Molybdenum DHS Information 8-9-13

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