Beach Information

Beach Locations

Beach Rules

  • Swimming hours 5:00 am - 10:00 pm, unless otherwise noted.
  • Swimming area opens Memorial Day weekend.
  • Swimming and wading are allowed only in designated areas.
  • Swimming activities are subject to specific rules and regulations.
  • No boat or raft of any kind shall be used in designated swimming areas.
  • It is unlawful to dig or remove any beach sand, soil, rock, stones, trees, shrubs, or plants from the beach
  • Restrooms open May 1st through September 30th from 8:00 am - 9:00 pm.
  • Idle Isle staff are on duty weekends and holidays from the first Saturday in May until Labor Day.
  • Dogs are not allowed.

Complete Lake Access regulations can be found in Chapter 278:  Public Waters and Beaches of the municipal code. Additional information on park regulations can be found in Chapter 256 Article I:  Park and Recreation Regulations

Beach Water Quality (E-Coli) Testing

The Parks & Recreation Department will be testing the beach water quality at Idle Isle Park on a weekly basis in June, July, and August (until Labor Day). If beach water samples are found to warrant signage, the Parks & Recreation Department will post signs indicating the beach is either: 

  • Open with medium levels (235-1,000 colonies/100ml).
  • Closed (excess of 1,000 colonies/100ml).
  • If no signs are posted, water is considered at safe levels.

Geese Police

Large Canada Goose populations in parks and around beaches can destroy property, attack visitors, leave a mess and degrade the water quality of our swimming areas. The City of Muskego works with the Geese Police to effectively and environmentally safely control Canada Goose populations using Border Collies. We ask that citizens do not feed Geese or any other wildlife as they can become a costly nuisance for the City.