Conservation Sites 

Interactive Site Map The City of Muskego owns and manages 25 conservation sites covering over 500 acres of land in the community. Conservation sites range in size from the 153-acre Engel Conservation Area to small prairie plantings that cover a fraction of an acre. Between the State of Wisconsin and Waukesha County, an additional 900 acres of conservation land exists in Muskego. 

Conservation Management Efforts

Management efforts strive to restore and sustain the health and function of the prairies, wetlands and woodlands within these sites by establishing and maintaining diverse native plant communities. Read more...

Conservation Planning

The City of Muskego Parks and Conservation Plan 2012-2016 outlines an inventory of the City's natural resource base and prioritizes lands of environmental significance to be considered for preservation and provides strategies for preserving them. Read more...

Conservation Sites:  Click on a site and explore Muskego today!