Little Muskego Lake

Little Muskego Lake

Little Muskego Lake is a 506-acre flow-through lake with extensive shallow margins and a single deep basin. The bottom substrate predominantly consists of silt or muck. Because of the impounding effects of the outlet dam, originally constructed in 1838, the lake level is approximately 8-feet higher and the surface area has more than doubled compared to the original natural lake basin. SEWRPC published an Aquatic Plant Management Plan for Little Muskego Lake in 2009, an updated publication will be released soon.                       

 506 acres 
 65ft max depth
 14ft average depth 

Residents and visitors to Little Muskego Lake enjoy a variety of lake-related recreational activities including boating, skiing, sailing, and fishing. The Muskego Recreation Program holds water-related classes and recreational activities on the lake. Anglers seek game fish species including largemouth bass, northern pike, and walleyes as well as several panfish species. 

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Little Muskego Lake Association

Unlike the Little Muskego Lake District which is a government organization with statutory responsibilities, Little Muskego Lake Association is a service organization made up of volunteers and interested citizens. The Lake Association has knowledgeable opinions on the lake and the land surrounding it but they have no regulatory power. They work to improve the lake and its watershed through numerous lake projects including: carp eradication, sewer installation, and adoption of erosion and stormwater ordinances.