Emerald Park Landfill

The City of Muskego has contracted JSA Environmental as the compliance auditor of the Emerald Park Landfill which is run by GFL.

Landfill Hours for Residential drop off: Friday 9-4 Saturday 8-noon.


Landfill Concerns

If citizens have a complaint or request regarding the Emerald Park Landfill, please send to EmeraldParkLandfill@cityofmuskego.org

For more information please visit-  Emerald Park Landfill Committee


End of Year Reports

2022 Audits

2022 Reports

January 2022 Monitoring Event

First Quarter 2022 Compliance Report

Deviation of Permit Conditions May 2022

Second Quarter 2022-Compliance Report

Surface Emissions Testing-2nd QTR 2022

Deviation of Permit Conditions: July 2022

Deviation of Permit Conditions Sept.2021- Aug. 2022

Semi-Annual Data Report Jan.1- June 30th 2022

2021 Audits

2021 Reports

For past years audits please see Emerald Park Landfill Archives