Board of Review

2023 Board of Review 

Property owners who wish to appeal their assessment to the Board are required to do the following: 

  • Provide the City Clerk a written or oral notice of intent to file an objection 48 hours prior to the start of the Board of Review.
  • Complete and file with the City Clerk the proper objection form. It is recommended that objectors complete and file this form at the same time they provide their notice of intent.
  • Property owners that do not provide the City Clerk with a 48 hour notice of intent are required to appear in person within the first two hours of the Board of Review’s meeting and explain to the Board why proper notice was not provided to the City Clerk. The Board of Review will determine at that time whether or not it will schedule an objection for the 2023 assessment.

You may contact the City Clerk at 262-679-5628 or by email.

Request to Testify by Telephone or Submit a Sworn Written Statement the Board of Review

Agent Authorization for Property Assessment Appeals

Please note that the City of Muskego Municipal Code Section 12-1 provides that no document transmitted by facsimile or email transmission while the Board of Review is in session shall be deemed filed with the Clerk.

Important Dates - 2024

Open Book

  • TBD

Board of Review Meeting

  • TBD



  • Gerald Boisits
  • Jeremy Keil
  • Henry Posbrig
  • Lynda Guhr
  • Mara Spring


The Board of Review (BOR) operates as a court and hears evidence from the tax payer and assessor to render a decision about value.

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