2020 Comprehensive Plan

The City of Muskego 2020 Comprehensive Plan was adopted on April 14, 2009 due to the efforts of many citizens, elected officials, and staff. The Plan is a full revamp to the existing 2010 Comprehensive Plan and is smart growth compliant as per WI State Statute. The Plan was a cooperative effort via a 2020 Comprehensive Planning Committee that worked thru a draft of the plan via numerous public meetings. The Plan underwent various public informational meetings and public hearings to ultimately be approved by City's Planning Commission and Common Council.

Please find the adopted chapters of the Plan below.

Adopted 2020 Comprehensive Plan (PDF)

2020 Land Use Map (PDF)

Log of Implementation

Introduction & Index/Chapters/Appendix Maps
Introduction & Index

Chapter 1: Issues & Opportunities

Chapter 2: Housing

Chapter 3: Transportation

Chapter 4: Utilities & Community Facilities

Chapter 5: Agricultural, Natural Resources, & Cultural Resources

Chapter 6: Economic Development

Chapter 7: Intergovernmental Cooperation

Chapter 8: Land Use

Chapter 9: Implementation

Chapter 10: Recommendations


This Comprehensive Plan is the document by which the citizens of the City of Muskego, through the Comprehensive Plan Committee, express their long-term vision, goals, and objectives with respect to the overall quality of life in Muskego. In an effort to adapt to the shape of the community, and reflect new interests, directions and priorities of their citizens, communities commonly revisit their Comprehensive Plans every few years. This document is to be used as a blueprint to assist the citizens of Muskego, and their elected and appointed officials in promoting the public health, safety, morals and welfare of the Muskego community.

2020 Comprehensive Plan Survey

Thank you to all residents that completed the 2020 Comprehensive Plan Survey. Results of the survey are found below.