Drivers License

Suspended License

Your driver’s license may be suspended for any number of reasons, including up to two (2) years due to unpaid citations. 

To reinstate your driver’s license:

Please note: 

  • Until you go to the DMV and follow these procedures, your license will remain suspended.
  • The Muskego Municipal Court cannot inform you of any outstanding citations written by other municipalities.


It is your responsibility to update the court with your current address and telephone information. If your information changes, let the court know immediately so you may receive information regarding your citations. 

Occupational License

An occupational license is a restricted driver license. Unlike a regular license, you are limited in where and when you can drive. You may only drive to and from work or church or other places indicated on the license and during specific times of the day.

For more information about occupational licenses, contact the Department of Transportation.