Boat Launch Information & Locations

During this time, there are many simple ways to purchase your Annual Boat Launch Sticker with several options to limit your contact with others. 

1. Mail in a request to have the pass sent to you.   Send the letter and your payment to Muskego Recreation, W182S8200 Racine Avenue, Muskego, WI 53150.  Once received, we will mail the pass back to you.

2. Stop by City Hall and purchase your pass in-person at the Recreation Department window during normal business hours of 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

3. Visit one of the boat launches (other then Idle Isle which uses a pay station) and use the daily launch pass envelope located by the honor box and complete the section for annual sticker purchase and include your payment.  You can then also use the receipt portion from that form for that days launch.  Please keep in mind that this method will result in the longest delay in getting your annual pass.

Keep in mind that the cost for an annual launch pass is:
$14.00 for Muskego Residents over that age of 60
$42.00 for Muskego Residents under the age of 60
$63.00 for Non-residents of any age.
We also no longer offer a reduced rate on a 2nd pass, so you will need to pay full price for every pass you purchase.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to call the Recreation Department offices at 262-679-4108.


The City of Muskego has several public boat launches (See New Municipal Code Information):

Launches located on Little Muskego Lake will be affected by the lake draw down normally done in the beginning of October. Due to these lower lake levels, we ask that you please be careful when loading and unloading your boats. 

Launching Fees

There is a $7 daily fee per craft. Launching fees must be paid at all times - during open water, weekends, or weekday / all-year round. Parking Pay station receipts at Idle Isle or receipt envelopes available at launch sites or season pass affixed to windshield to show notice of payment are required. Failure to comply with payment will result in a citation. 

Launch fees are required only if you will be using the launch to physically launch your trailered watercraft. If your watercraft is not trailered, and you are carrying the equipment into the water, such as you would do with a kayak or stand-up paddle board, then you do not need to pay a launching fee.

Season Passes

For those who will be launching watercraft often; season passes are available. Payment can be made with cash or checks; credit cards are not accepted. Passes can be purchased in person at Muskego City Hall or by completing the season pass portion of a launch envelope which is used at all the public launches except at Idle Isle (due to electronic pay stations there). Place a check in your daily launch envelope and include your home mailing address and a season pass will be mailed to you.

Season pass fees are:

  • City of Muskego residents - $42
  • City of Muskego senior citizen 60+ years of age - $14
  • Non-resident of any age - $63


  • There is no power loading when launching or loading of personal watercraft at the municipal boat ramps.
  • No boat shall be moored to any public lake access dock or shoreline without prior approval from the Parks and Conservation Committee. Mooring is defined as tying boat to said dock/shoreline with the engine/motor off.


No notices at this time.