Parks & Recreation

Please note that ALL recreation programs in City of Muskego Park Facilities, Muskego/Norway School District Facilities, City of New Berlin Recreation Facilities/Schools, and City of Franklin Schools are cancelled at this time through April 5 due to COVID-19.

If you have a question on the status of your program, please email us at and we will clarify.

Emails have been sent to those enrolled who are currently impacted.  Should postponements continue after April 5, we will directly notify you via email.

At a later date, we will communicate make-ups of missed class dates or refunds.

Thank you for your patience during this most difficult time.


The Muskego Parks and Recreation Department is committed to meeting current and future community needs by offering quality, safe, and affordable programs and facilities, while stressing cooperation and collaboration within Muskego and surrounding communities, and by providing safe, multiple use, and aesthetically pleasing parks, open spaces, related facilities, and natural resource preservation.

We are committed to serving you better by efficiently expanding our programs, facilities, and service.