Parks & Recreation

The digital copy of the Winter/Spring 2021 Program Guide is now here.  This is a large document that will take a minute to download.  Click to view the guide: Winter/Spring 2021 Program Guide

All forms of registration (in person, over the phone and online) will start November 23 at 8:30AM for residents.  Non-resident registration for most programs will start November 30th, except for the Youth Winter Basketball League, which will held to December 7 for non-residents.

Because of the numerous changes that could take place this next session, we will only be publishing a digital guide.  No hard copies will be mailed out.  This will allow us the opportunity to make changes as necessary, providing readers with the most up-to-date information.

We also are proud to announce our new recreation website is live and will be used for all registrations going forward. As this is a new site, you will need to set-up your new family account on your first visit. This site will allow for program registrations, park rentals, and more.  You can visit this new site by clicking on the recreation picture on the front page of the City's website or here

If you have a question on the status of programs, please email us at and we will clarify.


The Muskego Parks and Recreation Department is committed to meeting current and future community needs by offering quality, safe, and affordable programs and facilities, while stressing cooperation and collaboration within Muskego and surrounding communities, and by providing safe, multiple use, and aesthetically pleasing parks, open spaces, related facilities, and natural resource preservation.

We are committed to serving you better by efficiently expanding our programs, facilities, and service.