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The City of Muskego Police Department currently has 30 active Neighborhood Watch groups. These groups made a commitment to look out for each other and effectively communicate with the police department in reporting crimes and suspicious activity.

The best way to describe this program is "Neighbors looking out for neighbors." We already know our neighbor's routines without even trying. We know what vehicles are parked in our neighbor's driveways and when people are usually home. By being a member of a watch group, you are able to report suspicious activity more effectively. Every member will have the contact numbers of their neighbors and be aware of the Neighborhood Watch Captain. By having contact numbers and emails, the entire neighborhood can become aware of a potential threat in a matter of minutes. The program makes it easier for communication between citizens and the police department, due to education on observing and reporting crimes.

Although this program was designed to deter crime, it is also about being a helpful member of the community. We have called upon groups to assist in searches for missing children and also volunteering at local events. If this sounds like something you are interested in, please sign up here - Neighborhood Watch Sign Up, email Community Resource Officer Rakers or call (262) 679-5653.

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