Community Resource Officer

Community Resource Officer Sam WeinkaufCommunity Resource Officer Sam Weinkauf
The Community Resource Officer was established in order to provide the citizens of Muskego with a liaison within our department. This officer is specially trained in crime prevention and works closely with citizens, providing crime prevention education that helps maintain the safety that is expected in Muskego. Through educational programs such as the Cadet Unit, National Night Out, and Citizens’ Academy, the community resource officer can build a relationship between the public and the police department.

Crime prevention is important and it can only happen with effective communication between the police department and citizens. We want to encourage citizens to report crime as it occurs, be aware of your surroundings, and build a positive relationship with our department. Through the Muskego Police Beat Newsletter we will continue to inform citizens of crime that is occurring in Muskego, as well as educational information. Please email Community Resource Officer Sam Weinkauf or call (262) 679-5653 for more information on programs offered by the City of Muskego Police Department or tips on crime prevention.