Awards / Recognition

Citizen & Officer Awards

national police week.jpgThe Muskego Police Department recognizes members of the department for acts of personal courage or initiative and effort that contributes to the betterment of the department. The department will also recognize citizens who assist others, including members of the department, over and above what is normally expected of them.

An annual awards ceremony will be held to honor employees and citizens receiving awards during the National Police Week held in May of each year.

Award Description

MEDAL OF HONOR: The Medal of Honor is awarded to an officer who risks his/her life in the face of known danger by acting immediately, without concern for his/her own personal safety, to protect the safety of another.MEDAL OF VALOR: The Medal of Valor is awarded to an officer who risks his/her life carrying out his/her duties in the face of known danger, when the situation might not demand immediate and/or spontaneous action on his/her part.COMBAT CROSS: The Combat Cross is awarded to an officer for the successful performance of extraordinary heroism while engaged in personal combat with an armed adversary, at the risk of great bodily harm or death to himself/herself.
PURPLE HEART: The Purple Heart is awarded to an officer who receives incapacitating injuries in effecting the arrest of an armed or violent subject or while engaged in a lifesaving attempt.

LIFE SAVING AWARD: The Life Saving Award is awarded to an employee who takes action that results in the saving of a life of another person, who at the time may have suffered great bodily harm or death had the officer not taken action.CITATION OF MERIT: The Citation of Merit is awarded to an employee who has performed duties above and beyond that normally expected and who, by such devotion, contributed to the betterment and improvement of the police department.
COMMENDATION AWARD: The Commendation Award is awarded to an employee for an exemplary act or accomplishment resulting from exceptional energy, alertness, initiative, determination, skill and/or proficiency and exemplifies the highest traditions of police service.LETTER OF COMMENDATION: The Letter of Commendation is awarded to an employee who deserves recognition for an act or achievement that demonstrates his/her diligence and professionalism.PERFECT ATTENDANCE AWARD: Awarded to any department employee who does not use any sick time during the calendar year. This award does not require a nomination. The awards committee will identify and evaluate the members eligible at the end of the calendar year.
CITIZEN MEDAL OF VALOR: Awarded to private citizens for acts of exceptional bravery performed at a high risk to their safety, with full knowledge of the danger involved.

CITIZEN LIFESAVING AWARD: Awarded to citizens whose actions directly contribute to saving or significantly prolonging human life.

CITIZEN COMMENDATION: Awarded to citizens whose actions result in the prevention or solution of a serious crime, the apprehension of a dangerous criminal, or other meritorious action where said assistance to the officer(s) is done with disregard for the recipient’s personal safety.
CERTIFICATION OF APPRECIATION: Upon the recommendation of an employee, the chief may issue a certificate of appreciation to any deserving individual for a deed which is worthy of recognition but which does not fall within other award guidelines.