Wisconsin Law Enforcement Accreditation Group logo Opens in new windowThe Muskego Police Department is accredited by the Wisconsin Law Enforcement Accreditation Group (WILEAG).

What Does It Mean to Be Accredited?

Accreditation refers to a system of rules and regulations (standards) that an agency is to follow in order to earn and retain the status of being accredited. Colleges, universities, health care providers, and school districts are commonly accredited. 

Accreditation Process

The State of Wisconsin developed a state program for accreditation in the mid-1990’s that evolved as a result of an initiative by the Wisconsin Chiefs of Police Association.

May 10, 2002, the Muskego Police Department became state accredited by demonstrating its commitment to law enforcement excellence by its compliance to a body of standards deemed essential to the protection of the life, safety, and rights to the citizens of Muskego and by exemplifying the best professional practices in the conduct of its responsibilities to the community it serves. The Muskego Police Department is dedicated to maintaining its accredited status.