If you are moving or have recently moved, please contact Colleen Casey by phone at 262-679-5632 or via email at ccasey@muskego.wi.gov

If you rent an apartment or duplex/ townhouse, we need to final bill your account.  If you have bought or sold your home or condo, we need to complete a Change of Responsibility to the utility account.  Your realtor will not handle this for you.

Department Functions 

  • Ensure drinking water standards required by Wisconsin DNR and EPA
  • Respond to citizen service requests in a courteous and timely manner
  • Operate and maintain well pumps, towers and booster pumps
  • Repair valves and hydrants
  • Repair water mains and water service lines
  • Bi-annual hydrant flushing
  • Quarterly meter reading
  • Replace water meters

Water System Information 

Municipal water is available to residents in an area that is mainly between and along Janesville Road and Woods Road from the west city limits to the Tess Corners area. Water is also available along Durham Drive, McShane Road, parts of North Cape Road, the Champions Village area and parts of Hillendale Drive. Subdivisions along these roads are mostly served by municipal water but some may still have private wells. The Water Utility uses groundwater from ten wells for its water supply. The wells range in depth from 94 feet deep to 1350 feet deep. The wells have a capacity of 185 gallons per minute (GPM) all the way up to 1900 GPM producing an average of just under one million gallons per day with a peak day of 2.8 million gallons during the summer of 2012. The system has the ability to produce over 8 million gallons per day. While the quality of water from these wells is very good, it is groundwater and like most groundwater, it is relatively hard, therefore, most residents opt to use water softeners. The water utility has 75 miles of water main and 1100 fire hydrants and the Utility currently has about 3750 customers total. Utility employees flush fire hydrants both in spring (usually April) and fall (usually October) to remove iron and other sediments that have settled into the mains. 

Any water quality problems can be reported to the City Garage at (262) 679-4128 during working hours of 7:00 AM and 3:30 PM week days or to the police non-emergency number of (262) 679-4130 any time outside normal hours and the dispatcher will contact an on-call employee.