Sanitary Sewer

The Muskego Sewer Utility is a standalone entity which is financed by user fees with no tax dollars supporting it from the City and is governed by the Public Works Committee and Common Council of the City. Sanitary sewer service is available to residents in the northern half and eastern third of the city, as well as the Lake Denoon area, with a few exceptions. Most of the City is connected to the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewage District’s system, which conveys the sewage from the County line to its treatment plants. The Lake Denoon area is connected to the Town of Norway Treatment plant near Wind Lake. The Muskego Sewer Utility has approximately 8300 customers and to service those customers the Utility has about 130 miles of gravity mains, 28 pumping stations with over 50 miles of force mains. There is also a 1.7 million gallon storage tank that is used to store sewage during high flow periods. To maintain the system, Utility employees use a specialized truck to clean the gravity mains using a high pressure hose and a vacuum tube with most segments of pipe being cleaned once every 5 years. Some areas are cleaned quarterly if it is known to be a higher need. The Utility also uses a closed circuit television system to inspect the inside of the pipes and manholes on a regular basis. 

If residents have a problem with any type of back up in their basement they can call the City Garage at (262) 679-4128 during working hours of 7:00 AM and 3:30 PM weekdays or they can call the police non-emergency number of (262) 679-4130 any time outside normal hours and the dispatcher will contact an on-call employee.