What are the burning restrictions in the City of Muskego?
(1) BURNING OF GARBAGE AND TRASH PROHIBITED. No person shall burn garbage, paper, putrescible materials, buildings or other structures, lumber, construction materials, or materials from razed buildings within the City limits. (Ord. #755 - 06-18-92)
(2) LOCATION OF BURNING PROHIBITED: No person shall burn any materials of any kind within 20 feet of the water edge, in drainage ditches, or on or along water courses. The burning of cattails, prairies, canary grass, exotic weed species, brush or similar materials on, in or near a lake, stream, or wetland is allowed with notice to the Muskego Police Department in advance of a burn. Above burning is subject to provisions of Section (3).(Ord. #1051 – 01-18-01)
(3) Outdoor burning regulated except as prohibited by Sections (1) and (2): Outdoor burning within the City shall be allowed as follows: (Ord. #1348 – 03-08-12)
(a) The burning of dry brush, dry leaves, dry plant clippings, dry limbs, dry branches, dry logs or “bon” fires containing similar materials is allowed subject to the following regulations:
(1) Wind velocity shall not be more than 15 miles per hour as recorded by the U.S. Weather Bureau, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
(2) Wind direction at time of fire shall be away from buildings, or other combustible materials and structures and shall not carry smoke or soot into any adjoining buildings, onto laundry hanging outdoors, or be the source of annoyance by reason of smoke, fumes, or odors to persons or property.
(3) The perimeter of an area of a grass or brush fire must be at least 50 feet from any building, utility pole, overhead wires, or any other combustible material.
(4) Sufficient firefighting implements and personnel shall be available at the scene while burning is in progress to control the fire.
(b) Buildings or other fires set for practice and instruction of firemen, or testing of fire-fighting equipment shall be under the supervision of the Fire Department.
(c) Small outdoor fires for cooking, ceremonies, or recreational campfires shall be allowed. This shall include portable fire pits, which are certified by a nationally recognized testing organization.
(1) The size of material burned shall not exceed 4 feet x 4 feet x 3 feet high.
(2) Shall not be located within 25 feet of a structure or combustible material.
(d) For other than one and two family dwellings, no hibachi, grill, or other similar devices used for cooking, heating, or any other purpose shall be used or kindled on any balcony, under any overhanging portion, or within 10 feet of any structure.
(e) Small open flames for welding, acetylene torches, safety flares, heating tar, or similar application shall be allowed.
(4) EMERGENCIES. Whenever, because of extreme dryness or drought, the Mayor upon recommendation of the Fire Chief, shall deem it necessary to prohibit the setting of fires upon any land within the City, he shall by proclamation, declare an emergency and cause to be published in the official newspaper a notice forbidding the setting of fires with the City or any part thereof and/or have broadcast on radio or T.V. such notice, and after publishing or broadcasting of such notice, no person shall set any fire upon lands in such area except for warming the person or cooking food until the expiration of such emergency. Due to extreme dryness or drought, the Mayor upon recommendation of the Fire Chief, shall also deem it necessary to place a temporary ban on fireworks (Ordinance 9.03). (Ord. #1364- 11-1-2012)

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