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Idle Isle Park


  1. Boat Launch
  2. Drinking Fountain
  3. Parking
  4. Picnic Area
  5. Picnic Tables
  6. Play Equipment
  7. Restroom/Portable
  8. Shelter
  9. Swimming Beach
  10. Walking Trails
Due to the Little Muskego Lake draw down, the boat launch will be closing the week of September 5.  The lake will be drawn down 4" to 6" each day to a total of 7 feet.  Once the lake has gone about 12 inches, barricades will be placed at all of the boat launches on Little Muskego Lake to protect boats, trailers and the launches themselves.   The park will remain open as will the shelter and playground areas, but the beach will be closed.


Acquired in 1969. In 2006, a new shelter was built and is available for private rentals only on Mondays through Thursdays; not Fridays, Saturdays, or Sundays due to the congestion at this popular park.

This seven-acre community park contains:
  • boat launch (Little Muskego Lake)
  • swimming beach
  • fishing pier
  • picnicking
  • portable and indoor seasonal restrooms.
Playground equipment provided on the site accommodates both age group, 2-5 years and 5-12 years.

A local water ski club provides a water ski show here one evening weekly during the summer.

To request reservation of this shelter, click here.

Off-street parking is available.  A parking fee is charged at this park.  Fee is $1.00 for residents and $4.00 non-residents.  Coming in 2018 will be pay stations and fee change for parking.

Idle Isle Playground            Idle Isle Picnic area

Idle Isle shoreline