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City employees purchase various embroidered apparel a couple times throughout the year and this is now available to the public as well. The company Queensboro is used for these services and a variety of embroidered apparel is available including men's and women's polos, fleeces, sweatshirts, jackets, and shirts.

We purchase orders in bulk to minimize costs. The next order will be in December 2015. If you would like to order some embroidered apparel please check out the Queensboro website here to see the various items available. Once you know your desired items please email or call that order into City Hall at or (262) 679-4136. We will let you know the final cost of your individual order shortly after the due date and the costs may be less than posted on the Queensboro website based on the quantity ordered. Cash or check will be required at that time.

You can expect to receive info that your order is ready for pickup from City Hall approximately three (3) weeks after the above order due date.

Below is a sample of the City Logo:

City Logo.png